WARA members attended the exhibition on 6th October 2015 at the RGM site and we finally got to know of the plans that have been rumoured for some time. We were dissapointed in the presentation in such a small display area,  with no brochures giving details of what to expect available. There was only information boards (that kept falling off the wall) presenting the plans-very embarassing!

It appears that we the general public will lose access to 80% 0f the visitor attraction if the plans suceed. WARA assisted in the distribution of the Save it Campaign’s flyer, advertising the exhition. PGL only made a token announcement in the local press and not everybody gets to sees that. To ensure residents were aware, WARA and the Save it Campaign distributed 10k flyers, so hopefully there was no excuse for local residents being unaware of the event.

WARA learned of the Conservation Management Plan commissioned by the Trustess in 2013 and completed in June of 2015 that was conducted by Cheffins. We were told at the meeting by the Cheffins representative that this is now taken down from their website,  so we are unable to re-produce the link to their site. We suspect that this beacause it appears to be contrary to the new plans put forward by PGL at the exhibition.

For more details regarding the PGL proposals and the consequences to the Visitor Attraction, please visit the www.save-rgm.org website.