Our chair together with John Cook of the Friends of RGM,  both members of the Save-RGM campaign met with our Town Mayor,  Helen Kane and her husband Sam recently. They explained to her their concerns for the potential loss of the Visitor Attraction at the Royal Gunpowder Mills and  asked her if she could arrange a Public Meeting to discuss the matter. They explained the Town want to find out why the Mills had been allowed to get into a finacial situation that made it necessary to open dialogue with the childrens holiday company PGL. Why it is necessary to forfeit 80% of the site for the benefit of PGL to set up their operation. Helen kindly agreed to see if she could arrange this meeting and subsequently it has been arranged to take place at the Town Hall on 1st December 2015 at 7.30pm. If any residents has anything to say on this matter and feels unable to exprees their view in public, we would be happy represent your  opinion at the meeting for you.