Following our public meeting and finding the overwhelming reaction to the proposals, Wara drafted an objection letter and sent it to the Planning Officer,  Dominic Duffin responsible for this application. When we finally received the officers report on the proposals we found that there was something underhand going on. My personal objection letter appeared under my address as expected, but a supporting letter suposedly sent from the same address was also listed.

Mr Duffin in his report on the proposals was very positive in his refusal to support the proposals, stating he did not consider the Nursery was a (Very Special Circumstance) that could justify removing the site from the Green Belt. He said he could find no justification within the proposals for removing the land from the Green Belt. The Green Belt legisatation states,The Government attaches great importance to Green Belts, the fundamental aim of the Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping the land permanently open.  Our Chairman on behalf of the residents voiced our objections against these proposals, with emphasis on the Green Belt issue, that Wara considers vitally important that we fight to protect. However, the women members of the committee took sympathy with the plight of the nursery and overuled the planning officer’s judgement.  The Town clerk then advised them,  they as a sub-committee do not have the power to rule against council policy and the matter must now go before a full planning committe on 4th November, we are told. If this date changes we will update the website.