Hi to all who visit our website.

Just a brief update on WARA’s recent activities, we are no longer able to meet and greet at the Town Show in June these days. Following on from the rather unfortunate death of a child on a bouncy castle a year or so back, the Waltham Abbey Town Council’s insurance will no longer cover local charity status stalls at the show. Consequently for us to insure for the two day event is more that we raise in support of  our  activities on our residents behalf. We have however,  joined with the Waltham Abbey Neighbourhood Plan and formed the backbone of its committee. So we were in attendance because the Council’s insurance did cover the usage of the stall for that purpose. As the WANP activities are pretty close to what we care about at WARA we were happy to support them at the Show and no doubt met many of our readers over that weekend.

We recently campaigned against the resurrection once again of yet another planning application Haulage Yard in Sewardstone Road, having successfully had a rejection both an application and appeal in the recent past.

Following  a request from Ninefield Residents in September 2019,  we drafted an objection to the planning application for detailed permission for homes to be constructed adjacent to the new Swimming Pool and Sport Center in Hillhouse on the Ninefield estate.

I will post these letters of objection in another post after they have been to committee.