We have been advised by one of our members that the 7.5 ton limit in Broomstickhall Road is being ignored again following our report on the Golden Boy Coach incident last year.

It has reported to us that Ronimix concrete trucks regularly use this road with their 32ton vehicles, also reported was foreign 40ton articulated trucks heading for the Abbey View nursery in Galley Hill are regularly spotted using this short cut to get from the M25 motorway to their destination. Our member has also commented on the speed of vehicles along the stretch of road from Ninefields to the Cobbins Brook bridge past King Harold school, which he said was a serious accident waiting to happen. He was so concerned over both matters that he contacted Mrs Ricki Gadsby our local County Councilor to see what she can do to affect the situation. He told her other areas to have speed calming measures or 20mph limits when approaching schools and asked why are they not implemented here, she promised to take up the matter and we await her findings.

WARA would like to see the police have a clampdown on the HGV matter and also set up speed traps as the speed that vehicles are using when traveling past King Harold School is dangerous to discourage the speeders. Long term we would like to see a 20 mph speed limit along this stretch of Broomstickhall Road as well as double yellow lines to stop the afternoon parking problem when parents collecting their children from school cause major disruption.