RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : Brilliant news regarding the rejection of the housing at Netherhouse Farm.The great thing is the points of rejection must also
apply to Gypsy and Travellers proposals in the area,especially as all sites are accesible from the Sewardstone Road.  I would like to make a special mention for Ann,Sue and Jo who don’t know the word of defeat and it is because of their extra effort that results like this happen.

RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : yet again another great result for the area thanks for the e mail.

RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : Fantastic news how can Gypsy and Travellers live on any of that land now. A farm should remain a farm which is managed by experienced agricultural people so get the best out of it thanks again WARA without you we wouldn’t have a clue as to what is going on.

RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : Thank goodness! for that would of been a complete and utter eyesore Green Belt should stay as it is Green Belt. Thanks for the info

RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : Great news regarding Netherhouse Farm and after reading the Appeal I can understand why White Lodge/ The Limes is a much better location for a housing development thanks for keeping us informed.

RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : was a disastrous scheme- a terrible blot on the landscape.

RE: Netherhouse Farm Appeal : Good news! Perhaps the owners might go back to what Netherhouse Farm would be best used for ie Farming.

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