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One response to “Action, Resident and Political Links

  1. Should we build on Green Belt OR Brown Field land, you would think this is a no-brainer wouldn’t you; of course we should build on brown field before we even consider the Green Belt. However, I read in the Issues and Options booklet (novel might be a more accurate description) that most of E.F.D.C. residents stated they wanted to retain the green belt and wanted the council to develop brown field sites. Now maybe I have missed something, but if residents want to save the green belt and build on brown field, shouldn’t this be what the council should do.

    It appears the council have a dilemma, when we look at what has recently happened. When planning permission was sought to develop a site where an under used pub was sited. At the public meeting held to inform residents the reasons for retaining the pub they ranged from “I had my first drink in that pub” to “I’ve never been in there but it’s a landmark and it’s been there forever”. Surely if the pub loses its value to the community as demonstrated by the lack of use and is no longer financially viable to operate you would think it common sense to re-develop to something in demand such as new accommodation.

    We also have garage sites that the council are looking to develop, some of these garages have fallen into disrepair, some are empty some are not used and some are used for storage and not to park the car (which is the original purpose of the garages).

    Now Waltham Abbey it seems (again according to Issues and Options) has loads of green belt that could be developed and as we need more houses, so why not build on the green belt and in the flood plain? I wonder if the people who wrote the booklet took into account that Waltham Abbey is at the bottom of a valley and will be much more prone to flooding than towns on higher ground.

    The Powers that Be, tell us our climate is going to get warmer and wetter. With all the flooding over Christmas and continuing into the New Year with record rainfall recorded, no one can dispute the fact. It doesn’t matter if you believe the climate change Guru’s or if you believe the climate would have changed anyway, despite what we do; flooding as a major risk factor that is here to stay. Some of us see the green belt as grass and trees and some look beyond and see flood plains and the lungs of the country, whatever your viewpoint we should think of the next generation of residents and consider carefully decision that are made now will affect them in the future.

    Building on the sites of former Pubs, factories and garages has obvious downsides, if you drink in that pub, the factory creates employment and you park in the garage. But what if the pub is underused and the landlord is struggling make ends meet, the factory is closed down and the garages aren’t used. The upside to this dilemma is homes, homes and more homes.

    A word of caution, let us not put residents of the town against residents of the more rural areas of the district, none of us like change, especially when we have a chronic lack of infrastructure as is the case in E.F.D.C. The only people who benefit from poor planning decisions are the land owners and developers.

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