Welcome to the WARA Website.

Welcome to the Waltham Abbey Residents Association

WARA acts on behalf of residents living in Waltham Abbey.                                  We are a voluntary non-political organisation with over 6000 members and we take this opportunity to welcome all visitors to our website.

If you are new residents to Waltham Abbey or possibly still considering whether to move to our Historic Town,please take a few minutes to review our website, it just might help you make up your mind.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance we may be able to offer.

We occasionally need to employ professionals for advice, such as Solicitors or Consultants to assist or act on behalf of our residents. This is to ensure that whatever we may state publicly or write on a particular issue, is in fact honest, lawful and accurate. In order to employ these professionals we rely on donations to fund this work and would be grateful for any financial assistance you maybe able to offer.

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  1. Great to meet some of you in Sun St today whilst doing our leafleting and canvassing. I am happy to assist in protecting the Green Belt and conserving the Market Town of Waltham Abbey.

  2. It is will considerable regret that I have to advise all residents of Waltham Abbey that one of our most stalwart supporters and member of our Committee, Mrs Sylvia Cain has recently passed away. She was a valued campaigner and good friend, and will be sorely missed.
    We checked with her family that it would be appropriate for us to list the sad news both on this website and on our Facebook page.

  3. Good evening residents of waltham Abbey

    I am writing this to warn you of a dangerous individual by the name of Neil Barker. He is a businessman who now lives in Braughing in Hertfordshire
    He has taken large sums of money from hard-working people by using scams.
    The scams involve made up businesses and associates, he entices you in with opportunities to make money from business deals except the deals never materialise . I know this as I have been a victim of his poisons tongue
    I know there are others like me who have been scammed by this man
    I urge you if you know Mr Barker or have done business with him or handed him money to go directly to Hertfordshire police! I can only hope that by posting this no one else will be a victim of this individual .
    Some of the company names are K4zone , vote the video ,lupa ,
    Optimum endowment returns To name just a very few .
    Some dangerous associates of he’s are Mr Henry langer of Hertfordshire
    Nigel Anthony O’Neill also of Hertfordshire
    He hides in he’s big house with high walls seemingly protected by powerful expensive lawyers , I know people reading this will know him and will have been affected by him and I say to you go directly to Hertfordshire police .
    Do not feel ashamed…there is one way to get back him if we all stand up together and you can start by contacting the police straightaway

    I thank you for reading this and ask you repost this on Facebook / Twitter etc
    because this man is poisonous

    Yours sincerely A VICTIM

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